Pop Up Store 27.9.19 - 17.11.19

Ampara Ara

Embrace the World of Art & Design


Opening Event 26.09.2019 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Pop Up Store from 27.9.19 - 17.11.19

InJewels gallery | Anklamer Str. 38 | Berlin Mitte | in the courtyard


#Art Work, #Sustainable Fashion & #Jewelry Design




We invite you to come on a journey of embracing the world of Art & Design!


Ampara Ara is our invitation to connect to the circularity and source of life.

To be in the present moment, taking responsibility for the past and the future.


Art & Design are powerful expression forms to connect to the essence of Ampara Ara and bring about human and cultural transformation that is so much needed in the world we live in.


This evening is an invitation to enjoy and explore together through Art & Design a new world of aesthetics, diversity, and sustainability.


Expect a vernissage of a new kind - an opening towards human and cultural intersections through the eyes of Art & Design.